marlon logoThis information platform is developed as part of “Monitoring of Animals for Feed-related Risks in the Long Term” (MARLON) project, funded by the Seventh framework programme of the European Commission (Project Number: 312031). MARLON project aims to create an inventory of which epidemiological and monitoring initiatives exist, both within and outside the EU, which could provide useful data for the purpose of monitoring for health impacts of animal feeds, in particular those containing GM ingredients, on livestock animals.

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IPAFEED is an open-access database that can serve as point of reference for the scientific biosafety community (supporting evaluations) as well as for different stakeholder group, in support for regulatory or risk management/assessment purposes. 

It consists of three sections: 

The section “GM feed consumption" contains about 2000 records of single measurements of growth, health and productivity parameters of livestock animals fed with GMO-containing feeds made during controlled feeding studies. In this section a search can be performed by the following criteria: type of animal species; type of GM crop; type of GM trait; name of inserted gene and type of parameter. The results are available for download as "csv" file format.

The section “DNA and protein detection” contains about 900 records of the results from experiments aimed to detect transgenic DNA fragments or newly expressed proteins in livestock tissues and fluids such as blood, kidney, liver, milk, egg, gastrointestinal tract content, etc.  In this section a search can be performed by the following criteria: type of animal species; name of gm crop; type gm trait; name of the detection method and name of the target gene or protein. The results are available for download as "csv" file format.

The data in the two sections above have been extracted from scientific papers by applying a data search and extraction protocols developed for each section (for more details see the respective protocol present in each section), which were applied by team of reviewers with the necessary expertise. Detailed description of each study and the results, the reference and the link to the source paper can be accessed by clicking the "View record details" button located at the end of each record.

The data in the section “Health monitoring programs” have been collected in the course of the MARLON project by the respective partners for each of the represented countries. It summarizes the result of performed survey with no systematic nature, therefore we do not claim for completeness of this section. A search can be performed by the following criteria: country and animal species. The results are available for download as "csv" file format.

This database is a dynamic entity whose contents are likely to expand and to be subject to adjustments or change in the course of the database existence. Although systematic validation of the data has been made, it is possible that some cases of incorrect entries still may exist. If you do notice such please notify us by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will take the necessary steps to be as precise as possible.


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